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Magical Meru Ice Cream Mermaid Plush

Magical Meru Ice Cream Mermaid Plush

$34.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price

She's a mermaid - She's a magical girl - She's ice cream! — Actually - she's a plush! I know she looks yummy but please: do not eat! Origin Story ♡

Specs ♡

  • ~ 22 cm / 8.5“ Tall
  • Super-Soft Minky Fabric
  • Embroidered Face + Sprinkle Details
  • Removable Taiyaki Mermaid Tail + Bottoms*



  • These photographs show a sample. Only minor changes were made to the final design.
  • Her bottoms are removable in case you're bothered by them potentially peeking out from under her tail in her mermaid form, but I personally find the friction they add helps keep her tail on securely. 
  • Safety First! Meru was designed for gentle play, cuddling, and display only. She was not built for rough play, and small pieces present a choking hazard. I advise against letting her play with your furry friends and small children. You know your babies best, but please supervise if you do make that call!

    B GRADE/IMPERFECT: Issues include slight uneven/crookedness of features, over or under-stuffed areas, small embroidery/stitching errors etc.
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