Meru + Friends Slime + DIY Activity Bundle


MERU + FRIENDS Slime + DIY Activity Bundle
Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping

Bundle includes . . .

1 “Ice Cream” ~3-4 oz. Slime in Cone-Shaped Container It may be tempting, but DO NOT EAT!
1 Resin Taiyaki Cabochon Just for fun!

1 Clear Vinyl Sticker Sheet Use to decorate the container - or whatever your heart desires!

1 DIY Foldable Ice Cream Truck Box Store your “cone” here, or “drive” it around! Comes as a sheet with instructions for assembly.

1 of 3 Octopus Friends Charms Which flavor will you get? It's a surprise! Mix them into your slime or attach the ball chain so they can keep you company as an accessory!
Care & Safety Instructions Also found below

Slime is a stretchy, squishy substance you can play with to help you relax - or just for fun! Choose from the following slime “flavors”

BASE:  Matcha  or  Banana (Not Pictured)
TOPPINGS: "Chocolate" clay sprinkles and foam/sponge chunks

Slime "Flavor"
Include slime activator?
  • Safety

    • Always wash hands before and after playing with your slime
    • If you have sensitive skin, wear gloves while playing with slime.  If you notice any skin irritation, discontinue use immediately.
    • Please: Do not eat!
    • Slime should not be consumed, and small items included in this bundle are a choking hazard for small children and pets! 
    • Use vinegar to remove slime from your hands if it’s stuck to your fingers, or to dissolve from clothing and cleaning surfaces.
    • Based on the previous bullet points, please supervise children and use your discretion!
  • Ingredients

    Elmer’s Glue, Baby Powder, Foaming Hand Wash (Method Green Tea + Aloer or Bath + Bodywork Banana Flower depending on the “flavor”), Baby Oil, Baking Powder, Contact Lens Solution, Food Coloring. If you need more specifics please contact me and I will be happy to help!

  • Slime Care + Tips

    Your slime arrived! But during shipping it became..

    Too sticky? Mix in an activator such as contact solution or properly diluted Borax - a small amount will be included if you so choose. GO SLOW to avoid overactivating! 
    Too hard? Knead, mix in a small amount of lotion to regain stretchiness

    To preserve, keep slime in an airtight container. While the cone containers I provide are cute, it's unclear if they are air tight, so I recommend keeping it inside a ziploc bag or other airtight container in addition.


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