I have a question!

What is the shelf life?

Everything arrives fresh and each item will be marked with its best before date. Usually the patties and buns are 2-3 days, with sauce, cheese and seasoning at 30 days.

Can I freeze the kit?

We only recommend freezing our beef and if doing so, on the day of receipt.

Is our beef halal?

Unfortunately our beef is not.

Can I use my Bleecker gift voucher for at-home kits?

Unfortunately our gift vouchers are only redeemable in-person at our sites.

When are the delivery days?

Our kits are currently available every Friday.

Can I make changes to my order?

Any changes that are needed to be made will need to be sent to Help@greatfood2u.co.uk.

Can I do a bigger or group order?

Let's make it work. Please email us liam@bleecker.co.uk

Still need help? Contact me!