Matsuri Acrylic Charms


***Simple phone straps will be used instead of those photographed due to lost restock shipment!***

2" clear double sided acrylic charms with a glittery epoxy coating for extra shine, sparkle, and durability!

⟢ B L I N D ( ◉ ◇ ◉ ) B O X OPTION! ⟣ 
Try your luck and get a discount with the blind box option! You will receive a random character charm. ( No duplicates in the triple blind box option )

✧ N O T E S : 
○ Comes on a braided phone strap with gold accents. You may request a certain color but I may choose another based on availability. 
○ For 3/$25, 5/$40, 7/$55 deals, please write which characters you want in the notes @ checkout ! 
○ Your charm may arrive with a protective film on one side, which is easily peeled


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