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 Commission information


Please read all of the below information!      Contact at 



Good to Go
Original Characters + Fan Art

Simple Critters Real + Fake

Mild to Moderate Nudity

I'll Do My Best
Real People
Complex Critters
Light Armor/Weaponry

Not sure? Ask! Note: I have the right to refuse a request for any reason. 

Extreme Gore
Extreme Sex
Offensive / Hateful



Payment: I request half of payment up front to begin work. The other half will be paid upon completion, after which you will receive high resolution files.

Cancellation: If I become unable to complete the commission for any reason, you will be refunded in full. If you wish to cancel, you will be charged/refunded relative to commission completion - 20% cost for sketch stage, 50% cost for rendering stage.

Artwork: You will be shown sketches to approve or choose from, and to request edits to. You are entitled to 2 rounds of minor revisions of the 'finished' artwork. Additional revisions will be subject to fees. 

If you want the artwork you are commissioning as an acrylic/wooden pin/keychain, vinyl sticker, print, etc. please let me know and we can work out the production details and additional cost.

Excluding logo design, the prices listed here are for personal use commissions only. If you would like to commission work for publishing or commercial use (packaging, merchandise, book cover, etc.), please contact me to discuss appropriate rates or royalties.


You may use the artwork for personal purposes such as displaying in your home, on your site, on social media, RPing, etc. Credit is appreciated, but not required. 

I retain the rights to my artwork. I am free to use my artwork in my portfolio, post it on social media, etc. unless otherwise agreed upon. Please do not trace or edit my work in any way.

I will not reproduce your work for profit without consent. If you are, for example, commissioning a fan work that I think would make a good product design to be sold in my shop, I may offer you the choice to receive a discounted rate in exchange for me to be able to reproduce it for sale.

Rights and usage


character commissions

Price listed is per character, discounts available for multiple characters or commissions. 
Prices vary based on complexity.  Includes transparent, plain, or simple pattern background.




$40 - 75 / Creature

Chibi & Non-Chibi Humanoid


Please feel free to contact me.

Full illustration


Contact to Discuss

$150 - $300

Logo design