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Please feel free to play with their hairstyles, outfits, etc. :) Have fun!
髪型や服装など、自由に遊んでみてください:) 楽しんでください!

MERU (ice cream mermaid)

Meru is an ice cream mermaid with a taiyaki tail. She is also a magical girl? She is whatever you want her to be..

cookie (Girl / cocker spaniel)

Cookie is a Girl Snout leader who loves to bake, sell, and eat cookies. She is lively, outgoing, playful. Her hobbies are hanging out with friends, camping, hiking, and community service.

dollie (Girl / dalmatian)

Dollie is a shy girl who is gaining confidence through fashion. She enjoys experimenting with many styles including lolita fashion and giving her friends makeovers. Her hobbies are sewing, photography, and painting.