Beast Protagonist Omanjuu Plush Keychain

Beast Protagonist Omanjuu Plush Keychain


Round plush omanjuu-style keychain featuring your favorite protagonists - human form on one side, beastform on the other!

See photos for grading examples!
A Grade: Near Perfect
B Grade: One or two small imperfections such as black showing at seams, minor printing errors OR uneven, oversized, or mishapen ears
C Grade: Noticeable defects such as major printing errors or assembling defects (back side sewn upside down)

  • ~3" in Size
  • Soft stretchy material
  • Filled with fluffy cotton for squishing
  • Cute animal ear details
  • Fun colored ball chain keychain*

** You can write a preferred color for the ball keychain in notes at checkout but it will depend on availability. Colors: Lake Blue (Medium), Sky Blue, Cyan, Light Green, Pastel Purple, Bright Purple, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Red, Yellow, Gray, White, Black