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Pride Gummy Bear Acrylic Charm

Pride Gummy Bear Acrylic Charm



  • Approx. 1.5" in Size
  • Clear Acrylic with Glitter Epoxy Coating
  • Translucent Color with White Ink Highlights*
  • Double Sided Design
  • Comes on Colorful Matching Metal Clip

*Note: The main body of the bear will have color printed with no white ink underneath it, making it translucent. As a result, white or very light colors will appear closer to fully clear  rather than solid white. The pure white highlights will be printed with white ink on all designs.

SPECIAL REQUEST | Status: Open - Preorder for September
While I plan to add more options over time, I will periodically open for custom requests of flags/identities I have not yet created. If I am unable to meet your request for any reason (such as time constraints), you will be contacted and refunded. 

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