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MERU & Friends

tsun scoops collab concepts

The most ice cream shop appropriate of them all - Meru is an ice cream mermaid with a taiyaki tail, but she is also...a magical girl? Say hello to her and her sweet, ocean creature friends as they fight evil(?) above and below the sea! They're the subject of successful fanny pack and plush Kickstarters.

The girl snouts

Meet the Girl Snouts - a punny group of outdoorsy critters!
Visit the Girl Snouts Website to learn more about each Snout Scout character.
In 2020 and 2021, Girl Snouts merchandise campaigns were successfully funded on Kickstarter.

cookie (Girl / cocker spaniel)

Cookie is a Girl Snout leader who loves to bake, sell, and eat cookies. She is lively, outgoing, playful. Her hobbies are hanging out with friends, camping, hiking, and community service.

dollie / dollie & cookie

Dollie is one of my most popular characters and has a decoden fashion theme.
She is often paired with Cookie of the Girl Snouts as puppy-girl besties, such as in my series of Maid Café x American Diner themed merch.